Head Teacher:
Mrs Linda Strachan

Depute Head Teacher:
Mrs Elaine Stephen
Mrs Lindsay McAleese

Acting Depute Head Teacher:
Miss Sabrina Alexander
Miss Karen Falconer

Cluster Principal Teacher:
Mrs Lauren Norris

Primary 1a: Miss Kaylin Geary
Primary 1b: Miss Eilidh Reid
Primary 1/2: Miss Andrea Cowe
Primary 2a: Mrs Emma Maclean and Mrs Susan Strachan
Primary 2b: Miss Lynn Seivwright
Primary 3a: Miss Melissa Duncan
Primary 3b: Miss Natalie Morrison
Primary 4a: Miss Natasja Kaminski
Primary 4b: Mrs Jayne Walsh
Primary 4/5: Miss Ceri Gwillim
Primary 5: Mrs Catherine Barclay-Main
Primary 5/6: Mrs Nicola Yeats and Mrs Susan Strachan
Primary 6a: Miss Hannah Jamieson
Primary 6b: Mr Stuart Thomson
Primary 7a: Mrs Vicky Allan
Primary 7b: Miss Kimberley Mortimer

Learning Support Team:
Mrs Catriona Pain
Mrs Adele Davidson