After School Clubs

We are delighted to offer a selection of after school clubs this session. All clubs are free of charge!

These clubs will be running through Term 1 and Term 2, finishing on the week of 21/11/2022.

If your child would like to join our clubs, please contact your class teacher.

Tuesday Clubs:

  • Bible with Mr Strachan
  • Writing with Mrs Barclay-Main
  • Science with Miss Gwillim / Miss Morrison
  • STEM with Mrs Leight
  • Cricket with Mr Thomson
  • Cooking with PSWs and FSW
  • Construction with Miss Cowe
  • Art with Miss Reid and Miss Geary
  • Knitting with Mrs Stephen
  • Mind & Movement with Miss Seivwright
  • Yoga with Mrs Lee
  • Quiz with Miss Mortimer and Miss Duncan
  • Drawing with Mrs Allan
  • Baton Twirling with Miss Ironside
  • Brazilian Ju Jitsu with Mr Lofthouse
  • Lego with Mrs Davidson
  • Glee with Mrs Yeats

Thursday Clubs:

  • AFCCT with Dean
  • Gardening with Mrs Maclean