The Buchanhaven Pupil Council

The Pupil Council have met twice this term already and have come up with some really good ideas for activities they would like to work on this year.
Chairperson: Amanda (P7a)
Vice person: Rikki Leigh (P7b)
Secretary: Lucy (P6b)
Pupil Council members 2015-16: Joshua, Eilidh, Craig, Jayden, Shaun C, Vakaris, Lewis, Jessica, Adam, Angel, Alise, Kyle, Shaun M, Katlyn, Lucy, Amanda, Rikki-Leigh, Marcy, Kaiden
Alise thought it would be a good idea to make some posters to put up around the school to remind pupils of things they should be doing. This was our focus during Term 1.

Pupil Council Photo

Minutes 08.09.15

Minutes 22.09.15