P6b – Eatwell Plate

Primary 6b pupils have been learning about the Eatwell Plate and how to have a balanced diet. We made our own giant Eatwell plate by looking for pictures of food from the 5 different food groups – Fruit and Vegetables, Carbohydrates, Dairy, Protein and Fats and Sugars.
We then learned about how people may be allergic to or have an intolerance to different foods and how these are highlighted on food labels. Allergens might be shown in bold, italics, capitals or highlighted.
These are the outcomes we have covered and have been learning through:
By applying my knowledge and understanding of current healthy eating advice I can contribute to a healthy eating plan. HWB 2-30a

I understand that people at different life stages have differing nutritional needs and that some people may eat or avoid certain foods. HWB 2-32a