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Have a look at what our pupils have achieved at Buchanhaven and outside of school too.

Stars of the Week (

AN1 – Harvey Donaldson P1a – James Angus P1b – Aiden Reid P1c – Owen Black P2a – Arina K P2b – Theo Strachan P2/3 – Hannah Bunnett P3a –…

Stars of the Week – 16/11/15

N1 – Franky Drunsfield P1a – Milly Brown P1b – P1c – Faye Ritchie P2a – Adrian Luika P2b – Morgan Douglas P2/3 – Graham Patterson P3b – Morgan Clark…

Star of the Week – 9/11/15

amP1a – Joshua Scott P1b – Krista Jagza P1c – Victoria Beilawska P2a – Ewan Neal P2b – Aimee Beddie P2/3 – Amy Boyce P3a – Rebecca Halkett P3b –…

Balance Buds

As a house treat Craigewain had a fantastic time doing P.E activities with “Balance Buds”. Well done Craigewan!!!