Weather Warning Hotline

Adverse Weather Emergency Hotline

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the school hotline will be updated by 8am as to whether the school is open or not. Please call:


On instruction you will be asked for a pin. Please enter the following digits:



School Closure due to Bad Weather or Other Emergencies

We want to work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure the safety of children at all times. These guidelines outline the procedures for dealing with school closures during bad weather or other emergency.

Parental Role

We would like you to:

  • Ensure your child wears appropriate outdoor clothes throughout the winter.
  • Decide whether it is safe for your child to travel to school in bad weather.
  • Provide the school with information about emergency contacts to whom your child can be sent at short notice if you are not available. Also tell the Head Teacher about any changes to this information and to your daytime contact details.

Public service vehicles – drivers of these vehicles follow a specified route and keep to timetables – they cannot make special arrangements.

When Will the School Close?

Head Teachers decide if and when schools should close due to bad weather or another emergency. In bad weather they will decide this after receiving information about local weather conditions. This decision can be made during any time, day or night.

During bad weather some staff may not be able to get to school – so the school may have to close because there are too few teachers present. Sometimes only part of the school will be closed or only some of the pupils will be dismissed early.

If you are concerned about local weather conditions contact the school. You may wish to collect your child yourself and are free to do so provided you make arrangements with the school.

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