School Uniform


We encourage all pupils to wear school uniform. This helps to instill a sense of pride and team spirit within our school and gives them a sense of belonging to the school community.

Our school uniform consists of:

– green waterproof anorak/blazer

– white/green polo shirt or white shirt with school tie

– green sweatshirt with school logo or a v-neck jumper/cardigan

– grey/black trousers or skirt/green kilt or pinafore

– appropriate dark school shoes

Children should not wear high heeled shoes as these cause safety concerns. We appreciate your cooperation in support of this.

School badges and ties can be bought from the office at any time.

Please consider the changeable nature of weather conditions and provide your child with appropriate outerwear and footwear to suit.

We also recycle school uniform – please make enquiries at the school office. Purchasing recycled uniform is not only environmentally friendly but it can allow your child to have extra uniform at greatly reduced prices.

PE Kit consists of – T shirt which tucks into shorts, standard length shorts, socks, gym shoes (preferably with Velcro or elastic fastening for younger pupils) all kept in a gym bag. There are no specific colours. Clothing should give freedom of movement.

With regard to safety, the wearing of jewellery (which we actively discourage) is not permitted during PE lessons. If your child (boy or girl) has pierced ears, please ensure they can remove and replace earrings by themselves. Any child wearing earrings that cannot remove them will be asked to put surgical tape over them for PE lessons. (Parents should provide a named roll of surgical tape for this purpose.) ‘Shoe string’ strap tops are also discouraged for safety reasons as they can catch on gym apparatus.

The school would encourage that football team tops and designer garments are kept for home use as these can provoke conflict amongst the pupils.

All clothing brought to school should be named or marked in some way, as it is difficult for children to distinguish their own clothing from that of others.

For information about nursery clothing suggestions, please see the school office.

Some families may be entitled to a school clothing grant. More information about this can be found from the school office.

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